Supervision & Training

Bronwyn currently supervises social workers, case workers, community service workers, counsellors, mental health professionals and chaplains and has trained and mentored a number of students from universities and colleges, including for trainee supervisors.

Registered member of the Australian Clinical Supervisors Association.

A peak body for clinician supervision in Australia



Bronwyn has undertaken numerous mental health and recovery groups during her 18 years working in a mental health dual diagnosis recovery centre. These groups include but may not be limited to: Addiction recovery [ACA], Mental health and awareness, Mindfulness, Dialectical behavioral skills development: self-soothing, distress tolerance, reality acceptance & interpersonal skills. Anxiety & phobia recovery, Assertiveness & boundary skills , Healthy eating & lifestyle, Social skills & communication, Attachment & healing groups, Psycho-social development & recovery, Anger & stress management, Hierarchy of needs, Self-care.

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