I have undertaken numerous mental health and recovery groups during some of my over 20 years working in a mental health dual diagnosis recovery centre. These groups include but may not be limited to: Addiction recovery [ACA], Mental health and awareness, Mindfulness, Dialectical behavioral skills development: self-soothing, distress tolerance, reality acceptance & interpersonal skills. Anxiety & phobia recovery, Assertiveness & boundary skills , Healthy eating & lifestyle, Social skills & communication, Attachment & healing groups, Psycho-social development & recovery, Anger & stress management, Hierarchy of needs, Self-care.

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I currently supervise social workers, case workers, community service workers, counsellors, mental health professionals and chaplains and have mentored a number of students from social work, human service, and counselling backgrounds.

A registered member of the Australian Clinical Supervisors Association.

A peak body for clinician supervision in Australia



An excerpt from a reference of a trainee supervised by Bronwyn Morris while completing a social work placement:

"I was very happy with my experience. I believe she (Bronwyn) was not only an effective teacher and supervisor, but also a role model as a practitioner for my future practice. She allowed me to gain experience while being knowledgeable of my capacity and confidence to achieve tasks. I believe that she supervised my learning effectively and listened to my needs, overall resulting in a successful learning experience"

- Griffith university social work student 2015

From a former student then employee supervised by Bronwyn Morris during her role as director of a 15 bed psychiatric dual diagnosis residential facility:

As a student, it was very clear that Bronwyn was passionate about teaching. Bronwyn went above and beyond the necessary fulfillment of my placement, offering me the opportunity to sit in on various mental health psycho educational classes, case management meetings and inter agency meetings. Bronwyn held an open door policy, never tiring of answering questions and taking any and every chance available to give me learning opportunities covering a wide range of tasks where appropriate. Bronwyn has fantastic counselling skills of both observation and really hearing a person which meant that when I went to her with questions, fears or doubts, I felt understood and due to that understanding always left with a better, clearer understanding myself of the situation. I can say without any hesitation that my time as a student left me feeling much more capable and knowledgeable than before I had started learning under Bronwyn.

Bronwyn employed me off the back of my placement and in the three years following, my professional development soared, again her passion for learning and teaching was evident all of the time. Bronwyn was continuously upskilling all of her staff by seeking out professional development courses and seminars, by regularly hosting staff meetings that incorporated upskilling on various topics, always allowing staff to sit in on psycho educational groups/help to run them to increase skills and knowledge and still always patiently willing to explain and help with anything that may have caused any confusion or conflict. Bronwyn also ensured that she followed up in the days/weeks after to make sure that no further assistance was required.

One thing that stands out is Bronwyn?s skill in enabling supervisees to draw conclusions alone, by using micro skills, Bronwyn is skilled at guiding them to obtain clearer understanding without always just giving out the information which I feel helped me to retain the learning better. Bronwyn is extremely passionate and talented at what she does. I sincerely cannot recommend Bronwyn highly enough ".

Employee 2012-2015

Former employee

"To whom it may concern, Bronwyn Morris has been my supervisor for the past five years.

Bronwyn Morris is both very professional and empathic. Her counselling skills are exceptional and she has great active listening skills.

I have found her insight and guidance very sound and thought provoking.

I highly recommend her as a counsellor, supervisor and mentor.

Therese Anderson".

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